Carpet Torn Repair Adelaide – 5 Tips & Tricks You Need To Follow

Carpet torn repair might look like an easy task, but it is not one. You need to be careful while repairing such damage otherwise, it will ruin your carpet permanently. A damaged carpet can be repaired by following some simple tips and tricks.

Hiring a carpet torn repair Adelaide team of experts always helps, and you must consider hiring professionals to keep the safety of your loved ones in mind. Also, the service offered by an expert is far better than what you will get using DIY methods.

Repair Your Carpet With Carpet Patching

In case your carpet has small holes that need repairing, carpet patching would be the most simple, economical, and reasonably effective option to give a new life to your valuable carpet.

Carpet patching is all about carefully cutting out the damaged part and replacing it with a patch of the same size. If you leave the hole unattended, it can further get more damaged. Patching is an imperfect but overall improvement.

To fix carpet torn using this method, all you need is an old come or seam roller, utility knife or carpet knife, donor carpeting, small remnant carpet (optional for fixing the donor area), and double-sided carpet tape. You can complete the whole carpet patching following these simple steps:

  • Assess the damaged carpet
  • Search for a donor carpet
  • Mark the damaged area
  • Cut the damaged section properly
  • Put the donor carpet on the cut area after testing the donor piece and deciding the nap direction.
  • Apply the carpet tape
  • Place down the patch and let it blend

Fix pulls or snags with fabric glue

Problems like pulls or snags usually occur if you have pets at your home. Pet nails are largely responsible for such issues. To prevent this from happening with your valuable carpet, make sure to trim your pet’s nails from time to time. To fix carpet torn caused by a snag, strictly follow these steps:

  • Firstly, trim the snag.
  • Push that part to one side of the carpet and check the gap from where it came.
  • Fill the gap using a little amount of fabric glue.
  • Place the snag back into the hole using a long thin tool, such as a pen.
  • Leave the spot for some time and let it dry completely.

Fix Carpet Tearing With Threading

Tearing mostly happen because of excessive foot traffic or furniture dragging over the carpet. It usually appears along the seam of the carpet. Tearing can ruin the appearance of your carpet and is pretty frustrating but not beyond repair. Threading is a simple and reliable method of carpet torn repair you can rely on.

  • Firstly, take an upholstered needle and thread heavy the fishing line.
  • Push the needle and stitch through the edges of the tear.
  • You can also use needle-nose pliers if you find getting the needle through inconvenient.
  • The gap between the stitches must be around three-fourth inches apart.

Dry Flooded Carpets As Soon As Possible

Sometimes, the carpets get flooded by accidental water outbreaks from the kitchen or washing machine at home. To prevent mould and bacteria growth, it is always best to act as quickly as possible. Not only flood, wine spills, and pet urine can also wet the carpets. Here is a simple solution to address wet carpets:

  • Firstly, identify the source of moisture and evaluate the situation before taking any action.
  • The carpet is unsafe in a flooded area, so remove it as far from that place.
  • If the source of moisture is a broken pipe, fix it.
  • Ensure to dry your wet carpet within a day or two to prevent mould formation.

Hiring a professional carpet torn repair Adelaide team would be much better than drying all wet carpets by yourself using DIY techniques. We suggest you rely on reliable and customer-friendly service providers such as Metro Carpet Repair Adelaide.

Prevent Colour Fading and Damage

Your carpet may start looking dull over time, especially if it is exposed to direct sunlight over time. We suggest you use UV-blocking blinds or keep your valuable curtains down during the day.

If you notice fading carpet fading, apply a saltwater solution. However, simply dying can also help if the carpet is badly faded. To avoid such issues, properly maintain your carpet.

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