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    Looking to enhance the design of your carpet?

    Durable and resilient are words not usually associated with carpets. But as Adelaide’s carpet repair experts, we can save both your money and time on the repairs of your carpets. We can extend their life and add a captivating touch to your carpets. At Metro Carpet Repair Adelaide, we also have emergency carpet repair with our services. Our experts ensure the long-lasting qualities of your carpets all across Australia.

    We have notable years of experience in dealing with carpet repair and restoration. Our primary goal is to rejuvenate the essence of your carpets, so that you can save your money on further carpet repairs. Our services are widely recognised in Australia for providing satisfactory results. Whether it’s a torn or slightly burned carpet, we can provide time-saving solutions for all your carpet problems.

    We provide professional carpet repairs for carpet patch repair, carpet restretching, burn/torn/hole carpet repair services in Adelaide. Our professionals are available 24*7 & on the same day of booking to provide you with professional carpet repair and restretching services. Our Experts know the best solutions to bring the original condition of your floor coverings back to new.

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    We Provide Best Cleaning Services

    Water Damaged Carpet Repair

    Adelaide Water Damaged Carpet Repair

    Trusted Carpet Water Damage Repair Service in Adelaide Water flooding could
    Carpet Wrinkle Repair

    Adelaide Carpet Wrinkle Repair

    Hassle-Free Carpet Wrinkle Repair in Adelaide A carpet is the first thing that
    Carpet Torn Repair

    Adelaide Carpet Torn Repair

    Professional Carpet Torn Repair Service in Adelaide A torn carpet might spoil
    Carpet Seam Repair

    Adelaide Carpet Seam Repair

    High-Quality Carpet Seam Repair in Adelaide Can you some peaks in the carpet
    Carpet Restretching repair

    Adelaide Carpet Restretching Repair

    Topmost Carpet Restretching Repair Service After every few years, you would
    Carpet Restretching

    Adelaide Carpet Restretching

    Professional Carpet Restretching Adelaide Service Are tiny bumps and ripples in

    Why Choose Us

    Why should you pick Adelaide Services for carpet repair?

    We are one of the leading carpet repair providers in Australia. Our emergency carpet repair Adelaide has proved beneficial for many commercial establishments. It’s the most beneficial and time-saving solution for many commercial properties. Our goal to provide satisfactory results has allowed us to restore the original quality of many carpets. Many residential properties have also benefited from our popular same day carpet repair Adelaide.   

    Carpets is the prime thing in the house .Everyone should maintain the look n feel of the carpet whether it is dust, stains burns, and dirt we should always repair the carpet . There are numerous circumstances where carpets get burned or torn off . However most of the time carpets lose their beauty because of the iron burns or spilling of hot wax, cigarette etc.

    Looking for a expertise of carpet repairers to water damage or fix the carpet damages? We are here to serve repairing and patching services in Adelaide?  Metro Carpet Repair Adelaide  is a leading carpet repair service company in Adelaide. Besides  this , we provide service to the suburbs and remotely areas of Adelaide .

    Effective Carpet Stretching Service

    For Good Carpet Stretching service, we will always call a team of expertise . If you are looking for professional Carpet Stretching Services in Adelaide, contact Metro Carpet Repair Adelaide . It is a famous company where professionals are available 24*7 .

    With Metro Carpet Repair, you get:

    Professional Carpet Repairing Company

    A professional carpet repair company.

    Same Day Carpet Repair Services

    Emergency/same-day carpet repair services.

    24*7 customer care

    24/7 carpet repair service.

    Economical Carpet Repair Services in Adelaide

    Economical carpet repair services.

    Our team is filled with experts that have a great understanding of different kinds of carpets. We know how to choose the most suitable and safe equipment/methods for your carpets. With our carpet repair services, you can restore the original condition of your carpets.

    Our carpet repair Adelaide service is an all-in-one solution for all carpet problems. From minor scratches to major fire burns, we can provide effective and long-lasting repairs for your carpets.

    Our carpet repairs are also recognised by many experts as preventative measures against any further damages. At Metro Carpet Repair Adelaide, we repair your carpet, restore its original quality and protect it from any more damages for a long time.

    Feel free to get in touch with us any time and we’ll be ready to help you out with all your carpet problems.

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    Professional Carpet Repairing Services in Adelaide

    Why Do You Need Professional Carpet Repair?

    Durability is something you can expect from a carpet, but you have to restore that ability of your carpet every once a while. Carpet repairs are always a necessity, it’s just a matter of when. The smartest way to deal with the problem is to get qualified professionals for the repairs. It’s the best way to save both your money and time.

    At Metro Carpet Repair Adelaide, we provide advanced repair services for many residential and commercial customers/clients. Our services prevent its need for you in the future, at least not for a long time. We guarantee superior carpet repair services for all kinds of carpets.

    A carpet repair/restoration requires both academic and practical understanding of carpets. You need to have the right equipment required to do the task in a better manner. Without proper equipment and methods, you could just damage the carpet more than before. As Adelaide carpet repair experts, we understand the importance of a professional carpet repair service.

    Resdential Carpet Repair Services in Adelaide

    Commercial Cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning Services in Residential Area

    Residential Cleaning


    Frequently Ask Questions

    Our team is filled with qualified professionals that know how to perform the carpet repairs without leaving any traces. We do our best to make sure that repaired areas of your carpet are not noticeable.
    All we can tell you is that it’s cost-effective to get carpet re-stretching services and recreate the look of your carpet. Carpet re-stretching also gets rid of dirt and odours stuck inside the deeper layers of your carpet. On the other hand, you can also benefit from just replacing the carpet. It’s an expensive choice but it provides you with an exciting opportunity to get a new carpet. In short, re-stretching is a cost-effective solution and replacing is a time-saving solution. The choice is yours.
    Our services come with a fair price range for all repairs. It depends on the size of your carpet and the kind of repairs it needs.
    We restore the original condition and quality of your carpets. We guarantee satisfactory results and reliability with our services.
    Yes, our emergency/same-day carpet repair service is customised to provide urgent and time-saving solutions for your carpets.
    There are 3 things to repair carpet burns – High-quality tools, appropriate skills and skilled technicians. The professionals of Metro carpet repair Adelaide did a fill inspection of your carpets before carrying out the burns fixing procedure. After inspection your carpets, we provide you quote..
    We can easily fix the ripped carpet with the help of our experts . They lift the torn edge / ripped area then apply a adhesive glue to fix the ripped & join each edges individually using the glue
    Not at all, If you are hiring services from Metro carpet repair Adelaide . Our team of expertise provide professional carpet damage Repair Services at the lowest cost. So, Hurry up to avail of the service now and also get special discounts occasionally.
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